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The Get Connect Foundation offers funds for training and programs at the MOVE THE BRAIN training center to people with various brain disorders, including post-commercial syndrome (PCS). The post-commotional syndrome affects millions of people around the world every year. Little is known about the treatment methods and the characteristics of this syndrome, so it is often recommended to wait until the symptoms disappear. However, this can take months to years. At MOVE THE BRAIN we offer an effective treatment for post-commotional syndrome. The brain is something complex. By training the brain, physical, emotional and mental symptoms can improve considerably. MOVE THE BRAIN has successfully helped patients recover, so that they have their lives back after many years of hopelessness and incomprehension. The Get Connect Foundation offers funds to help people who do not have the financial resources for the treatment they need to improve their lives and get them back on track. Cup of Mission Mission The Get Connect Foundation was set up with the aim of changing the lives of people with brain disorders. The brain disorder may have been caused by an injury, illness, stress or a disorder. The change can occur through an increase in awareness and education, by providing funds for treatment at MOVE THE BRAIN, or through research. Heading what we do: With the Get Connect Foundation we support the following parts that are related to the brain.